about me

Garrett Vandenberg

Hi! My name is Garrett Vandenberg and I write, record, and produce music. I’d love to work with you to create something!

I’ve been making music in some form or another since I was 10 years old. Since those early years of taking drums lessons and playing southern gospel music with my grandparents I’ve picked up guitar, piano, bass, ukulele, and a little bit of a quite a few other instruments. I’ve always loved playing music, but near the end of highschool I discovered even more than just playing music, I loved to create music. Since before I ever picked up a pair of drumsticks there was something incredibly special about creating- I used to spend all my time making up games or stories when I was really young, but after being challenged to write and record a whole album of music with my friend Kevin McCreary in 2012, a whole new level of creative potential was in my grasp. I began to write and record songs as often as I could manage. I dabbled in every style from folk to hardcore to dubstep to indie rock to electronica. I had the opportunity to record several other albums with other artists and released several of my own as well in the next few years.

The first big project I took on in college was a 7 track EP with the band Elizabeth Crim (a Charlotte based Hardcore/Punk band). The project took shape slowly, but when it came time to work with my good friend Ben Canon to master it, it turned out better than anything I’d produced before. From that point on I knew two things: I wanted to create more music, and that Ben Canon was a good guy to keep on my contact list. In the following year I recorded and released a short EP with my friend Rachael, another EP with a girl named “Ericka Leverie” from Quebec, and finally, a full worship album with a local worship leader named Tammy Shay. This album was by far the most challenging project I’d taken on so far- a full album in just over two weeks. With only a few days to plan out how we were going to do everything, we crunched as many hours as possible into each day and at the end of two weeks, I was yet again thrilled to have produced something I couldn’t even have imagined recording the previous year. From that time ‘til now I’ve had the chance to record several more albums including full projects with both of my sisters (who are also both talented musicians and songwriters)

In additional to the dozen or so albums I’ve produced under various aliases and with different artists, I’ve also had the chance to write background music for several short films, over a dozen podcasts and youtube channels, produce a few (audio) commercials, and record several audio books. Through this website I hope to seek out more creative people who’d like to work together to create art that’s interesting and impactful. If you’re a music creator and you’ve been saving up all your best songs to record an album someday, but you just need a producer- I can be that guy. If you’re a filmmaker and you desperately want an original soundtrack but don’t know someone who knows how to write and produce music- I can be that guy. If you’re putting on an event and need someone you can count on putting on a good show- I can be that guy. Let me know what you need and we can work out a price.

To learn more about my services or get a quote, e-mail me.